what do stars foretell for Akhilesh Yadav


First let’s discuss about the vital points in the natal charts of Akhilesh yadav

Yoga’s which spoiled association of Akhilesh Yadav

2016 onwards he was running through Mercury/Saturn/ Mars period, which spoiled his relationship with close family members, then the association which he formed with Rahul Gandhi also didn’t work out, as he wished.

He lost his Chief Minister ship in Uttar Pradesh

As Saturn is 6th lord of controversies, struggle, differences of opinion placed in 10th house of profession, herein Government. And Mars which are 8th lord of sudden fall and break in pattern. Both dasha lords mutually aspecting each other in 7th house of attainment of position and public image, other one in 10th house of professional excellence. Played a spoil sport.

Power giving Rajyoga in horoscope of Akhilesh Yadav

But picture has not finished as yet, because from February 2019 onwards he’s getting Moon dasha which is 11th lord of gains, achievements, honours, titles placed in 10th house of Government with royal planet Sun, 6th and 7th lord Saturn also aspecting by retrograde Jupiter which is 4th lord of Parliament.

From jaimini point of view rashi dasha running is Aries/Pisces. Aries had up pada and dara karak navamsha in 7th house and matra karak Mars in 12 th house whose bitter results he has already experienced. But now as anter dasha rashi pisces has Matra karak  Mars and many other important karaks are placed 4th to it, all aspecting 10th house. Above all Amatyakarak Jupiter is falling in 11th house of gains, achievements. Putra karak Mercury is which for planning is conjuncted with female planet Venus in 5th house of strategy, which hints that he shall form an alliance with a female counterpart. But majority of benefit of his alliances with female counterpart, will either land him up in controversy or it’s more likely that female counterpart will benefit more out of this association.

In yogini dasha it’ll be Mercury/Venus, both are placed in 11th house of achievements.

fate of Akhilesh Yadav in 2019 elections

All above clubbed together draws a conclusion that in forthcoming Loksabha elections, he will make his mark and win good amount of seats.


Varsh kundli also confirms the same, predicts AstrologerSisddharthaGoell




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