Health benefits of one Mukhi Rudraksha- एक मुखी रुद्राक्ष द्वारा रोग निवारण



Blessed by Lord Shiva, one Mukhi #Rudraksha is symbol of Truth, Power and Energy. It is also known to give eternal bliss and Nirvana. The place where Rudraksha is worshipped, Goddess Luxmi ji bestows her presence. It is most auspicious Rudraksha among all beads.

Ruling planet of One faceted Rudraksha

It’s ruling planet is Sun. Astrologically it rectifies all problems related to planet Sun, in one’s Horoscope. It activates the Sahasra Padma Chakra on top of the Head. People seeking higher level of concentration should wear this Rudraksha. Those doing spiritual practices like Meditation and those who are emotional and are affected by ups and downs of life, should wear this Rudraksha. It enhances knowledge about the supreme Brahma gyan. It is also known to give eternal bliss and Nirvana.

Health benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

It cures diseases like cronic asthma, eye sight, headache, piles, mental anxiety, liver and skin problems, when worn with Ruby Gemstone. But under proper guidance by learned vedic Astrologer as prescribed in Medical Astrology

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