RSS founder Dr. Baliram Hedgewar lived a life of celibacy- बलिराम हेडगेवार क्यूं रहे भ्रमचारी ?

Horoscope charts of Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar

Horoscope charts of Dr. Baliram Hedgewar explains why he took decision to remain unmarried and chose to live a life of celibacy.

What are the astrological parameters which that foretells the promise of No Marriage ?

1. Any affliction on Ascendant or it’s Lord is bad for a Relationship. Here ascendant lord Jupiter though in own house but afflicted due to in Rahu/Ketu axis.

2. Vivah Karka planet Venus is conjuncted with Mars in sign of Mars. Both planets are aspected by Saturn. Influence of Saturn diminishes the probability of Marriage. Which it did here. As 5th house is of thought, thinking therefore the thought of getting married, never stuck in his mind. This reflects his disinterest towards Marriage.

3. As 5th house is of progeny, so affliction on sign, 5th lord, didn’t gave him children. Mars is nakshatra of ketu, aspected by Saturn, denied him of children but on other hand gave him aggression in his temperament.

4. Mercury, Lord of 7th house is in sign of Saturn. Which means delay

Navamsha Chart of Dr. Baliram Hedgewar

5. Venus Karka of Marriage, is in sign of Mars, is affiliated due to Rahu/ketu axis.

6. Saturn, is conjuncted with Moon. Both are aspected by Mars. Any affliction on luminary Moon, shows No Marriage. In this case it forms Sanyaas yoga

7. Mercury Lord of 7th house of lagna, is posited in 8th house of navamsha, conjuncted with enemy Mars

All the above parameters explained by Astrologer Siddhartha Goell clarifies #No #Marriage, No Children. This Gentleman was Born with a Mission, to accomplish that he chose to remain Unmarried. Service to his Country and countrymen was his Goal in Life. We and generations to come will be indebted by his sacrifices

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