Rahu and Brain Poisoning

How Shadowy planet Rahu spreads it’s venom in Human Mind ?

Demon head is known as Rahu and tail is known as Ketu As Snake is very poisonous and inject it’s venom, anywhere he hiss and bites.Same way in horoscope it plays this role of brain poisoning in humans. Rahu/Ketu is a focal point in horoscope which decide where they’ll leave their negative impact. Whichever and whenever negative events Trigger in one’s life, roles of Rahu/Ketu comes.

Rahu in Mythology

According to Hindu mythology after churning of Earth when Amrit manthan was extracted, Demon and Devtas were sat in their respective lines to have their share of Amrit. But, by foul play a demon broke his line and came in line of Devtas. But was identified and his head was chopped off. However, by that time, he was lucky enough to swallow few drops of Amrit, so the upper part of body which has head is called Rahu and the lower part of body is known as Ketu. It’s a snake, which was chopped off in two parts.

Rahu Eclipses Sun and Moon

Here in demonstrating the horoscope of a native,  Astrologer Siddhartha Goell explains this astrological yoga of Rahu/Ketu . That they are such strong shadowy planets who eclipses luminaries Sun and Moon. Not only that they even afflicts the houses in horoscope by their position, aspect and conjunction.


Yogas for brain related Aberration

1. 5th house in horoscope is considered for many things fee among them are our brain processing, thoughts, planning, emotions,  understanding, education, children etc… Any negative impact of Rahu hinders brain programming. 

2. Here in this particular case of well known politician, placement of Rahu in fifth in sign of Saturn, is corrupting his thinking pattern. Compelling him in fault finding in everything. His logic is wrong.

3. Moreover, Rahu is aspected by 6th Lord of controversies, differences of opinion ie. Jupiter. Which is retrograde too. As explained in earlier articles also, retrograde motion of Jupiter is not a good Aspect because it ceases to give it’s positive impact, therefore resulting in negative impact. Any connection between 5th and 6th house/lords creates problems related to education, children etc…  But in this particular case brain poisoning, fault finding and mental abberation

4. Lord of 5th and depositor of Rahu, is malefic planet Saturn here. Saturn is posited in 7th house of Marriage and public image and is aspecting Jupiter, that is lord of 6th house. Hence, connection between 5th 6th house/lords are formed.

5. Such combination creates jealousy in their behaviour upto such an extent that they can harm anybody including themselves. This also develops phobias, fear and negative tendency.

6. From Moon sign, which is karka of Mind, Rahu is placed in 3rd house of mental inclination. So it pollutes thinking and mind wavers in negative direction.

Navamsha Chart

7. Here again Rahu is posited in sign of Saturn and also aspected by it.

8. Lord of 5th house and depositor of Rahu, Saturn is afflicted due to it’s conjunction with enemy Sun. Therefore, malfunctioning in planning and thought process 

9. Again connection of 6th Lord with 5th house and karka Moon, is established. 

The the above parameters applied and tested confirm how Rahu creates Brain Poisoning and confers clear thinking

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