Impotency parameters in horoscope should never be neglected – सुहागरात पर मालूम चला कि पति नपुंसक है

Newly married girl files for divorce because husband is impotent. A complete case study is explained herewith example by Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Role of planet Venus in Horoscope

Venus plays vital role as it’s planet of love , sex and romance

Debilitated Venus brings disharmony in relationship either with spouse or with other partner

Role of Seventh house in horoscope

Role of 7th house and it’s lord has significant role in determining happiness in relationship.

Here aspect of debilitated Venus is on 7th house.

Jupiter, lord of 7th house is posited in its enemy sign, Libra.

Besides this, is aspected by malefic planets, Mars and Saturn.

Moreover, this is happening in 2nd house, which is one’s immediate family i.e. Spouse or otherwise partner

Significance of Moon in horoscope

Moon a watery planet governs emotions.

Here in this case, it is doubly afflicted. Being in Aquarius, sign of Saturn, positioned in 6th house of conflicts. Within Rahu/ketu axis and aspected by debilitated Mars. Spoils the whole scene

 Planets that makes one impotent

Assessment of impotence in a person can be identified in one’s horoscope or in partner’s horoscope.

Here relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell explains the role of Saturn and Mercury. Both planets are impotent.

When analyzing the chart by moon sign, mercury which is 8th lord of hidden element and sexual orientation is posited in 7th house of marriage, conjunct-ed with 7th lord Sun. Mercury is combust and moreover it’s enemy ketu’s presence has severely damaged the house of marriage

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