Venus determines sperm count in Male horoscope- any deficiency will lead to Impotency – नपुंसक पति

Out of many other reasons for Divorce, one possible reason could be impotency of husband, explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Parameters for finding impotency through Astrology

  1. Planet Venus plays a major role in determining vitality in a Male
  2. Position and strength of Venus decides the sperm count in male horoscope
  3. Close association of Venus with Sun, especially in very close degrees, brings disaster in the characteristic of Venus. Due to combustion, it looses all its strength. As we all know that Sun is a fiery planet, and planet which comes very close to Sun gets burnt and combust.
  4. Weak Venus deprives one of marital bliss, leading to no marriage or even if one manage to gets married due to strength of other planets, marriage won’t last long.
  5. Because of low sperm count, one is unable to produce offspring. So no progeny promise can also be seen in an individual birth chart.

Potency for Sexual intercourse

This can be decided by the sixth house and it’s lord. It’s strength or weakness, confides about one’s capacity or capability of performing sex.

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