Bonding between Couples in Relationship can be determined by Astrology तन मन धन का रिश्ता

Successful Relationship is a Subject matter of Astrology

Whenever a question of Marriage or an equivalent Relationship is considered, various factors such as physical fitness, mental qualities, sexual compatibility and social and economic status attract our attention.

human behavior

Spirit, Mind and Materials are the three factors which controls the human behavior

Term of Relationship

How long the interaction will last and depth of bonding, couple shall share can be assessed by their respective horoscopes, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell Certain Astrological parameters are as follows:-

1. There would be Attraction between Boy and Girl, if they are born in Ascendant sign, which falls just opposite to each other.

2. Mars in Girl’s horoscope aspects Venus in Boy’s birth chart, ignites sexual compassion. 3.When the Sun and Moon are positioned in trine or quadrant in each other’s horoscope. It forms a strong attachment and affection. This brings deep friendship between the couples

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