Harmful Gemstones Bring Bad Luck राशि के नगीने सावधानी से धारण करें @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Unlucky Gemstones

Wearing a Gemstone of a planet, which as per one’s horoscope, was of a Yogkarka planet, ought to give good results, but delivered very bad results.

How this happened explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell. Saturn is supposed to be most auspicious planet for people born under Taurus Ascendant.

Taurus Horoscope


This female was recommended by fortune teller that wearing of Blue Sapphire gemstone, also know by the name of Neelam in hindi, would give her best results in life. But on the contrary it spoiled her professional as well as her personal life, drastically. Reason being, Saturn was conjuncted with shadowy planet Rahu on almost same degrees. This is a very bad situation. Therefore, it created instability in career. Inspite of being hard working and talented, she failed to achieve anything in life. Because Saturn’s lordship of ninth house of luck and tenth house of profession, rendered it’s most malefic results. Moreover, from Moon sign Cancer, Saturn has lordship of seventh house of Marriage and eighth house of Breakup in Relationship. So it gave both.

Sapphire Gemstone for Taurus Ascendant

However, things started improving in her life for better, after she wore Yellow Sapphire gemstone, instead of Blue Sapphire better known as Pukhraj, in hindi. Choosing a correct Gemstone after proper assessment of one’s natal chart requires expertise. This task can be done justified by the porofessional, one who knows both subjects, science Astrology and Miracle of Gemstones

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