Corona Vaccination caused Death by flaming up pre-existing Diseases @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Corona Vaccine facts

Covaxin which is considered to be potential antidote to fight against Covid-19, developed such problems in body that one died of multiple organ failure.

Corona Vaccine aftereffects

After taking Final dose of corona vaccination, within a span of three weeks, one died of ailments which were not in her medical history. Kidney, Liver, Lungs got severly damaged. Clot in Blood caused heart attack.

Lack of information about Corona Vaccination

All this is a matter of observation, which no news bulletin ever published nor any medical fraternity commented about. However, due to absence of proper information about the consequences of corona vaccination, one took Final dose of vaccination to safeguard oneself from the alarming time indicated in one’s horoscope. But, didn’t knew that the same vaccination could become the reason for death, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Horoscope of Vaccinated person

Infection causing indication in Horoscope

  1. Major period lord Mercury has lordship of twelfth house, which signifies hospital and perhaps end of life
  2. Mercury is afflicted by being in Rahu-Ketu axis in fourth house of Heart and Lungs
  3. Mercury degrees are in Mritybhag ie. in that particular bracket where it causes death like pain
  4. Sub period lord Jupiter is lord of Sixth house of disease. It is placed in sixth with mars, who is lord of fifth house of abdomen area. Conjunction of fifth and sixth lord in sixth house together causes liver and kidney damage
  5. Sub Sub period lord Rahu has potential to give disease inflicting pains due to infection by wrong medicine.

Above fact shows that since prevailing period in Horoscope was critical for the person, but to safe guard oneself Corona vaccination was opted as it was considered to keep Virus infection away. But on the contrary, same Covid-19 vaccination caused Death

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