Married but in live-in relationship with another partner horoscope @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Indian Bride

Why Multiple Relationships happen ?

 In any individual horoscope, when any connection or association between lords of House Second, Seventh and Eleventh forms, it indicates probability of more than one partner.

Why a Married woman chose her live-in partner ?

1. Mercury, lord of second and Eleventh Lord is placed in eleventh house own sign Gemini

2. Saturn Lord of seventh house placed in Eleventh house.

3. Venus planet of Love, sex and romance is conjuncted with Saturn and Mercury in eleventh house.

 4. Mars from eighth house of secrecy aspects above all planets in Eleventh house, gave her strong desire for second Relationship

Why Infidelity ?

1. Close degree association of planet Venus with Shadowy planet Ketu, is such a combination which makes one dishonest in Relationship. A partner bluff other partner.

2. Aspect of aggressive planet Mars on Venus and Ketu, ignites sexual passion resulting in strong desire for sexual intercourse with others.

Timing of infidelity

1. Yogini dasha whenever applied on any horoscope chart gives the shortest time interval, which can be monitored, whenever any significant event happens.

2. Major period in yogini dasha was of planet Mercury. It’s role has already been explained. It was very capable to indulge her in extra marital affair during it’s Time period

3. In the same Mercury period not only affair started but she also moved out of house and shifted to reside with her lover in live-in relationship

Why Divorce didn’t happened ?

1.Lord of seventh house in horoscope is considered for spouse. Any malefic aspects on Seventh house or upon it’s Lord, indicates Relationship status. Herein, Saturn is at position of strength being placed in eleventh house, moreover being aspected by Jupiter. Thus, marriage sustained

2. In navamsha kundli, Saturn is exhalted and above all is directly aspected by Jupiter. Henceforth, technically she remains Married but is living with her live-in companion

Navamsha horoscope importance

(A). Navamsha kundli holds very important role because the yogas formed in Birth chart, will be able to fulfill it’s promise to deliver results depending upon their strength in Navamsha kundli.

(B). Venus conjuncted with ketu, and both are aspected by Mars, gave strong sexual drive, which caused infidelity

(C). Aspect of seventh and twelfth lord Mars on Saturn gave her a live-in partner younger to her. With whom she decided to reside with.

(D). Aspect of eighth Lord Jupiter on seventh house, Saturn and Venus, saved her marriage and also saves her from disgrace of being in live-in relationship. Everyone in her family know about this. She visits her kids and spend quality time with them. The fact is accepted that she’s in a live-in relationship

 @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell  herein explains the horoscope chart of a married Indian woman. This Woman got married for twenty twenty two years ago, has two kids from her marriage. Everything was going fine, but as planetary positions changed, she chose a like-minded companion for herself and moved in with another man,

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