Relationship of Married Woman with boyfriend doesn’t harm Marriage @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of woman in extra marital Relationship

Role of Exalted Jupiter

As per Jyotish Vedic Shastra, Jupiter is a planet of Gyan. It is a Hindi word which technically means wider than knowledge. Knowledge of scriptures, spirituality, good moral code of conduct, ethics and higher principals in Life. 

Jupiter in Seventh house

1. Seventh house in a horoscope is for spouse or a companion. Placement of Jupiter in Seventh house of Relationship makes a promise of happy blissful married life. Especially, exhalted Jupiter adds more sweetness in one’s chemistry with one’s partner. It makes one, dedicated and devoted  in personal life. 

2. Jupiter is a planet of sympathy, therefore it’s placement in seventh house in horoscope, makes one sympathetic towards their partner. It encourages one to stand by one’s partner in every thick and thin period. However, being a planet of highest principles, it maintains loyalty in steady Relationship with one’s spouse. One remains loyal in marriage and expects the same  from their companion.

Connection of Ninth house with Seventh house

1. Role of Ninth house in horoscope is assessed to see the possibilities of remarriage or second Relationship.

2. Here, in this case ninth lord Mercury is placed in seventh house. Therefore, strong possibility arose for second Relationship.

Eighth house in horoscope

1. Role of eighth house in horoscope is assessed to find out break up in Relationship, hidden Relationship or infidelity.Here ascendant Lord Saturn is placed in Rahu ketu Axis, henceforth secret Relationship with other Man and infidelity happened.

2. Sun, Lord of eighth house is in sixth house with planet Venus. Therefore, hidden Relationship with another partner happened resulting in steady physical relations, for a longer period of time. Venus, is a planet of love, Sex and Romance.

Extra Marital Relations didn’t broke marriage

Now here is the answer to this million dollar question, how extra marital Relationship didn’t broke marriage. Placement of Mercury with exhalted Jupiter, gave support to her married life. Jupiter saved the marriage. Whereas, at the same time gave her second Relationship and gave protection to this hidden affair

Importance of Navamsha kundli

Physical Relations

1. It’s the Navamsha chart only that confirms the final outcome of Rashi chart. Role of Exalted Jupiter in birth chart of  female gave her good married life and husband. It gave stability in marriage and didn’t let it break due to separation or divorce. However, the same Jupiter is debilitated in seventh house in Navamsha chart and also aspect by debilitated Mars. Therefore, one hand she’s maintaining her married life in society and on the other hand also enjoying bedroom Relations with her boyfriend.

2. Venus which is conjuncted with eighth Lord Sun in Rashi chart gave her secret affair. Same Venus became exhalted in Navamsha chart and it’s aspected by Saturn, which is potential to give sexual intercourse with other men.

Such is the beauty of Astrology when thoroughly analysed. With several years of practice and in-depth study Astrologer Siddhartha Goell does justification with the subject and help clients with easy solutions to make harmony in life. Whats App +91-7827020780 for consultations

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