Unwed Mother raised her kid as a single parent horoscope by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Unwed Mother


Identification of Secret Relationship in Horoscope

Any connection between seventh house or it’s lord with Twelfth House or it’s Lord, is a combination of either spouse from distant location or bedroom Relationship with opposite Sex in a secret manner. Here seventh lord Moon in twelfth house with eleventh Lord Mars, gave her a secret affair which was potential enough to form physical relations with her lover.

Timing of Secret affair

1. Role of Eighth house and it’s Lord plays crucial role in secret affair. Any position, aspect or conjunction of planets with eighth house or with it’s Lord, in their running dasha, gives hidden Relationship. This is how the time period of secret affair can be determined. There Sun, Major period lord, that is Eighth lord is exalted and moreover it’s vargottam, therefore it gave secret Relationship. Besides, sun is conjuncted with ascendant Lord Saturn and ninth lord Mercury, henceforth hidden Relationship developed. 

2. Role of planets placed in seventh house also  plays vital role in deciding timing of Relationship. Here sub period lord ketu is placed in seventh, therefore in it’s dasha it developed man-woman Relationship

 Navamsha chart Importance


1. Major period lord Sun is exalted and aspected by ascendant Lord Jupiter from Eighth house. Jupiter is karka of marriage and moral, hence Relationship between the girl and boy developed purely on ground of love. There was no fornication from girl’s side.

2. Seventh lord Mercury in own sign Gemini, conjuncted with Venus ie. Planet of love, sex and romance. Both are aspected by twelfth Lord Saturn, therefore secret affair resulting in physical relationship developed with lover.

This is the true story of Unwed Mother who single highhandedly raised her kid borne out of this secret Relationship. The biological father of the child, has never seen the face of the kid. Role of same eighth house and it’s Lord formed and thereafter break up the Relationship, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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