Reasons for Doubt & Mistrust on one’s partner explained in horoscope @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Doubtful partner

Reasons for Mistrust on partner

1. Afflicted Moon makes one mentally unstable, lacks one in fair thinking. Rational approach to look from fair point of view on matters, and conclude unbiased outcome, can be done only by a person whose Mind is healthy and strong. Here, in this case Moon is badly afflicted due to:-

(A). Conjunction with Shadowy planet Rahu

B). Moon in sign of Saturn i.e. Aquarius

(C). Moon in the nakshatra of Rahu(

D). Aspect of Saturn on Moon and Rahu, both placed in Ascendant

2. Shadowy planet Rahu Eclipses Moon. Henceforth, clear thinking gets obstructed resulting in False illusions. One gives wrong reasoning to prove one’s point of view. It makes one Doubtful on one’s partner.

3. Moreover, Moon itself is in nakshatra of Rahu, therefore influence of Rahu on Moon has pressurized on thinking pattern. Henceforth, one tends to nature of fault finding in everything. It gives phobias and bad visions.

4. Aspect of Saturn on moon gives gloom. Therefore, one’s Nature has become sadistic.

5. As this is happening in Ascendant, which is oneself, therefore basic tendency has become such that one looks everything with an eye of doubts.

Doubt creates disharmony

Role of Moon, as explained earlier, due to it’s affliction state aspects seventh house of spouse. Here, Sun is placed in it’s own house Leo. Moon, here is sixth lord of conflicts and differences of opinion. So, it’s creates clashes in Relationship. Moon, always poisons one’s mind like a virus, doubting on integrity of one’s partner.

Breakup in Relationship

1. Affliction on sixth, seventh and eighth house and their lords, results in break up in Relationship. Here, role of sixth and seventh lord ie. Moon and Sun has been explained above.

2. Eighth Lord Mercury is placed in it’s own house, but with enemy Mars. Moreover, both planets are aspected by cruel planet Saturn, which is also Lord of twelfth house. Mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn on eighth house and eighth Lord, breaks up the bond between lovers

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