Sex to Samadhi story of a Cabaret dancer horoscope by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of a Bar Dancer

Role of Venus

1. As a third lord of efforts and creativity, it gave her such dancing skills which made customers go crazy after watching her performance on stage.

2. As a tenth lord of profession, it helped her to carve her career. Being exhalted Venus it added glory to her professional life.

3. Due to association of Venus in eighth house, it changed her profession, from cabaret dancer to spiritual guru

Spiritual Guru

1.Here, Ascendant lord Sun, with moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars, gave her multi dimensional activities in her Life.

2. Above all stated planets are in the sign of Pisces whose lordship is with Jupiter. Pisces is the sign of Moksha i.e. salvation therefore being a Moon sign also it inclined one to spirituality. Jupiter makes one teacher or preacher.

3. Mercury makes one very good orator, here it is also lord of second house of communication. Together, with so many planets in eighth house, all aspecting second house, gave her excellent speech, convictions and logic in her discourses that audience listens to every word she speaks.

4. Venus, the tenth lord of profession in eighth of occult, gave her this knack of going deeper into the subject paranormal studies, because of ninth lord Mars and twelfth lord Moon, helped her in finding higher secrets of cosmic energies.

5. Jupiter, lord of fifth and eighth houses is aspecting second house of speech, made her proficient in giving lectures on spiritualism

Can anyone ever imagine to see a cabaret dancer becoming a spiritual guru ?

It’s beyond anybody’s imagination but it’s a real life story of a woman, who after her successful career in strip dance bar, transformed her life as the dasha pattern in her horoscope changed, which lead this sudden change in her Life and transformed her into occult sciences.

Venus, the planet of beauty, love, sex and romance, which one side took her to world of glamour, the same planet on the other hand took her to yoga, Sadhana and Samadhi. Venus is the planet which has this potential explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell. Role of Eighth house and planets associated with it, plays a vital role in shaping up one’s life pattern.

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