Women’s safety in Taliban’s Afghanistan -horoscope of Afghani girl by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Afghani girl


Taliban changed life in Afghanistan

1. Ascendant Lord Venus is placed in eighth house of surprises, accidents or sudden events in life which breaks the present pattern of life. It’s in enemy sign and also aspected by eighth Lord Jupiter. Therefore, one’s life has changed overnight in Afghanistan.

2. Venus, the major period lord is also Lord of sixth house of conflicts, it’s placement in eighth house of intrigues and aspect of Eighth lord Jupiter over it, engages one in conflict like situation, which actually happened after the invasion of Taliban in Afghanistan.

3. Moreover, aspect of Saturn on Venus, further weakens the situation.

Displacement of Home

1. Mars, lord of Twelfth house of horoscope is placed in fourth House of family and Home is also conjuncted with Moon, third lord of movement or change in residence. Henceforth, displacement of residence is going to happen, during rule of Taliban in Afghanistan.

2. Mars as twelfth Lord also signifies loss or rising expenses due to home and family. Mars, aspect Sun i.e. Lord of fourth House and both has Rashi parivartan yoga, which means exchange of signs. Mars in sign of Sun i.e. Leo and Sun is in sign of Mars i.e. Scorpio. Above all parameters fulfill the condition of displacement of Home.

Transit of Planets



Safety of Afghani Girl and family

1. Aspect of Jupiter which is also Lord of eleventh house blesses the girl with safety cover against barbaric Taliban soldiers. Shield of planet Jupiter, will give a protective cover will refrain her from being Raped, sexually molest or being sold in auction.

2. Eleventh house is house of gains and it’s aspect on Ninth house of father, shows material and financial gains for father of girl and family. Eleventh Lord Jupiter is Lord of incomes, it’s aspect on second Lord of wealth i.e. Mercury in sixth house confirms that inspite of tough time, family will survive in this struggling time with sufficient means of bread and butter

Safety of women’s in Afghanistan now that has been invaded by Taliban has become a reason of grave concern. Barbaric behavior of Taliban towards women, is world known fact that how they treat women with utmost inhuman ways, which is beyond anybody’s imagination. Just listening to it sends a chill down the spine. With the help of horoscope of a Afghani Girl, Astrologer Siddhartha Goell herewith discussed the clues of Vedic jyotish shastra, which confirms about the safety of girl and her parents amid the shroud of uncertainty

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