Venus Affliction gave failed Marriages & no children from wedlock @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Man married thrice

Venus role in Marriage

1. First marriage happened in Major period of Venus and sub period of Ketu. Venus besides being a significator of Marriage, also has lordships of seventh and twelfth house in his horoscope, therefore it’s fully capable to tie-up in a relationship.

2. Sub period lord Ketu is placed in Twelfth house from Venus and it’s depositor, Mercury, is conjuncted with major period lord Venus, henceforth Marriage took place during the time.

3. From the moon sign, same above-mentioned parameters apply

Marriage broke up

1. Any position, Aspect or Conjunction of malefic planets in sixth, eighth and twelfth house from Venus will render it’s evil results upon Relationship.

2. Soon after the marriage, major period of Sun started. Sun is placed in twelfth house from Venus. It is badly afflicted due to within Rahu and ketu Axis. Secondly, Saturn is aspecting Sun from its seventh house of spouse, which means that this major period of Sun shall be a period of disharmony between couple. Golden rule to be followed is, from the major period lord, examine the position of sub period lord. In this case both major and sub period lords are placed opposite to each other in 1/7 axis which denotes how the Relationship will be. As both planets are enemy, so they broke up the marriage after prolonged litigation proceedings on divorce, which started soon after the onset of Sun Major period.

 Why Divorce case was fought ?

1. From the Venus, Saturn is placed in sixth house of conflicts and litigation. Conjunction of Rahu with Saturn gave courage to his wife to fight court cases and also filed police complaints, resulting in arrest of husband on grounds of domestic violence. Aspect of Saturn on Sun, gave punishment from government, therefore he has to go to Jail for sometime.

2. Moreover, Aspect of fiery planet Mars on Rahu and Saturn in sixth house added fuel to the fire.

Role of Saturn in divorce

Saturn’s placement in sixth house has been explained earlier. Aspect of Saturn on Seventh house from moon and on Eighth house from Venus broke up the marriage. 

No children

1. Fifth house, it’s Lord and significator Jupiter should be considered to assess the probability of progeny. Here, retrograde Saturn is placed in Fifth house with Rahu took away hope of having children because both are aspected by enemy Sun, therefore no promise of children

2. Jupiter, that is Fifth Lord and also depositor of Saturn, is aspected by retrograde Saturn weakens the promise of children.

Navamsha chart

Aspect of retrograde Saturn, from eighth house,  on Fifth house, it’s Lord Jupiter and on significator Venus, vanished away the hope of happy Marital life bliss and deprived him of progeny

Second Marriage

1. Major period lord moon which is Ninth Lord, considered for second Marriage is debilitated and placed in Ascendant. Due to Placement in fist house and aspecting seventh house of Relationship have him chance of remarriage.

2. Sub period lord Saturn gave him a brief marriage of only two days, because role of Saturn in hook up and break-up in Relationship is understood earlier due to it’s connection with sixth, seventh and eighth house

Live-in Relationship

1. Cohabitation with a younger divorced girl with a kid happened it the major period of Mars, due to it’s association with Fifth house and it’s Lord Jupiter.

2. Sub period lord was Venus, which gave him bedroom romance during it’s period

Placement, Aspect or Conjunction of any cruel planet on sixth, eighth and twelfth from Venus in horoscope render it’s evil effects on marital relationships. Explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell herewith an example

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