Jupiter blessing & curse for children- संतानकारक बृहस्पति के गुण धर्म @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of mother


Role of Jupiter in horoscope

1. Jupiter is a significator of Progeny in Astrology. 

2. A well placed, strongly positioned Jupiter blesses one with male child.

3. Jupiter is knowledge ie. Gyan, ethics, values, principles, good code of conduct.

4. Third house is of mental inclination, self efforts. position or aspect of Jupiter here automatically connects with fifth and Ninth houses, which is looked for children.

Debilitated Jupiter and Children

1. Jupiter if well placed in horoscope, blesses one with joys of becoming parents and their children will do well in life to make parents proud. Kids will respect elders and have High moral values in life. Whereas, afflicted Jupiter does vice versa

2. Herein this case,  debilitated Jupiter in Ascendant is aspecting Fifth, ninth house and their lords. Henceforth, there’s a promise of children. As Jupiter is third lord in horoscope, which means one does efforts for upbringing of children

Retrograde Jupiter gives mixed emotions

1. Retrograde Jupiter sometimes deny or deprive one of desired results. Like in this case, due to it’s retrograde motion it aspects fifth lord Venus, placed in sixth house of disease, illness. On the other hand retrograde Jupiter is also aspecting ninth lord Mercury, which is also retrograde. So , as promised it blessed the woman with twin kids, a baby girl and a baby boy. But, within few days after delivery, the baby boy passed away due to jaundice. This incident happened because afflicted Jupiter damages liver and fifth lord Venus is placed in sixth house of disease, due to which, infant boy died.

2. Debilitated and retrograde Jupiter is Moreover aspected by fiery planet Mars, which is also debilitated. This added fire to the fuel, further damaged the qualities of Jupiter.

Moon Sign horoscope


1. From moon sign Aries, the fifth house is Leo and it’s Lord is Sun. Both are aspected by Jupiter.

2. Sun is conjuncted with debilitated Mars and retrograde Mercury which is sixth lord of illness, so this can be confirmed from rashi chart also, that the above-mentioned combination is fatal for children. Therefore, a loving mother lost her son due to disease.

Jupiter when can be friend turned foe is sad story which resulted in demise of infant baby boy. Promise of this tragic incident was there in the horoscope of expecting mother explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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