LSD: Love Sex & Dokha a true story of Girl explained by horoscope  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Physical Relationships

Having physical relationship with multiple partners either by choice or under compulsion, is a subject matter of astrology which can be unfolded through one’s horoscope chart.

Horoscope of Multiple Relationship

Parameters of having sexual intercourse

The basic parameters of having sexual intercourse with more than one partner are as follows:

  1. Any connection of Lords, House or planets by way of position, aspect or conjunction with 2nd, 7th and 11th house in horoscope , generates a possibility of having multiple Relationships with multiple partners.
  2. If one’s has experienced betrayal by partner or had experienced forceful act of sexual molestation, it will also be reflected in one’s birth chart.

Sexual Assault

Herein, this case:

  1. Rahu is placed in 3rd house of friend.
  2. Depositor of Rahu is Venus, which is planet of Sex.
  3. Venus further is aspect by Mars, planet of aggression
  4. Mars is placed in 8th house of accident, together with 12th lord Saturn. Which makes it more fatal
  5. Mars aspect on Rahu, gave this girl a scar on his mind because she had been sexually assaulted by her friend, who did forceful Sex without her consent. It was ruthless act because of all malefic influence

Consensual Sex

Consensual Sex parameters in Horoscope:

  1. Moon 5th Lord of emotions in 7th house of Relationship, gave attraction towards opposite Sex with another guy.
  2. 7th lord Mercury is in 11th house with Venus.
  3. Mercury is in Nakshatra of moon
  4. 11th house is aspected by 2nd Lord Mars.

Henceforth, this time this girl did consensual Sex with her boyfriend for continuous 2 years. Because she was under this impression that her boyfriend will marry her, as he had promised her prior to sexual intimacy started between them.


Parameters of Betrayal by Partner in horoscope:

  1. Any connection of 8th, 12th house/Lords with 7th house/lords, especially with involvement of Rahu, that planet of deceive, one will get into a trap of hidden Relationship and eventually those relationships will end up in break up because the partner was never intended to maintain long lasting relationship with that particular person.

Prediction for Marriage

On the basis of Exalted Jupiter (planet of Marriage) in Navamsha chart, prediction has been given to her that she should not loose hope because Major period of planet Jupiter has just started. It has potential to give her marriage with stability in relationship, this time because Jupiter is a sacred planet and it regularizes a relationship by way of marriage through all rituals.

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