Widow just after Marriage now trying for remarriage horoscope alerts  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Life of Widow

Widow or widower is a person who lives a miserable life due to the loss of one’s living partner. This event in one’s life can be foreseen in one’s birth chart. If there’s a promise of such uneventful tragedy, it can be forewarned about.

Horoscope of Widow


Herein this case, a very young beautiful and innocent girl got married. But within two weeks of Marriage, her husband passed away. He didn’t died a natural death but he committed suicide. He ended his own life, it can be confirmed by his wife’s horoscope

Widow yoga in Horoscope:-

  1. Eighth lord of breakup, Mars aspects seventh house.
  2. Saturn and Mars, both malefic planets aspect Eighth house where ketu is positioned. Henceforth, affliction on Eighth house snatched away longevity of spouse.

Timing of Marriage

  1. Major period lord Mars placed in Ascendant with Ascendant lord Mercury, potential to give Marriage. Mars is also vargottam means in same sign in navamsha lagna chart, therefore Marriage happened.
  2. In Jupiter sub period as lord of seventh house of relationship, both in rashi chart and navamsha charts, therefore it solemnized Marriage.

Navamsha chart of Girl

  1. Affliction on seventh house of Relationship by malefic planets Mars and Saturn, took away marital bliss from the life of newly wedded bride.
  2. Seventh lord of spouse Jupiter is in enemy sign and also compresses between malefic planets Rahu & Mars from either side, formed a weak promise of steady relationship with spouse.

Moon Sign chart

  1. From Moon and Venus sign, as both are in Leo sign, so chart is same. Here affliction on seventh & eighth house is clearly visible by way of malefic planets Mars and Saturn, therefore she couldn’t enjoy happy married life.
  2. Venus , the significator planet for Love, romance , sex, luxury is totally combusted due to its very close proximity to Sun, henceforth it looses its sheen, therefore deprived her of bedroom romance with her spouse.

Remarriage of Widow:-

As the girl is quite young and has entire life ahead of her, which can’t be spent by remaining single, she needs a companion in life, therefore her parents started searching for Bridegroom for her Remarriage. But planets badly placed in horoscope play their role in one’s life when their time period commence, which has been clarified and forewarned by Relationship counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell, in following line of reasoning :-

  1. In Jupiter sub period she got married, but in Saturn’s sub sub period husband committed suicide. As Jupiter sub period is still going on, so she’s searching for options for remarriage.
  2. But as a Matter of fact, after end of Jupiter sub period, Saturn’s sub period will commence and it has every potential to again deliver it’s dreadful results by becoming a Marriage breaker.

Advice with proper remedies to ward off evil effects of malefic influence of planets has been accordingly prescribed by Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell, to the girl and her parents

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