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Aryan Khan in Drugs case

Horoscope of Aryan Khan son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, has been elaborately explained revealing the circumstances due to which, kid got trapped in this vicious circle.

Horoscope of Aryan Khan

Paap Kartari yoga

Formation of paap Kartari yoga means that Lagna has been badly compressed between malefic planets from either sides. Thus results in inability of one to Focus clearly. Person feels bounded, weak, prone to addiction, faces humiliation, lacks in self confidence. Inability to come out from bad habits

Affliction on Ascendant

1. Placement of Shadowy planet ketu in ascendant with no benefic aspect.

2. Ascendant Lord Saturn, which is also Lord of twelvth house is retrograde in second house in Pisces sign.

3. Saturn is aspected by another malefic planet Mars. Both planets aspect each other.

4. Saturn and Jupiter are in Sign exchange with each other, but makes a bad placement 2/12 Axis from Ascendant

Aryan Khan in judicial custody
  • Saturn Lord of Ascendant i.e. Self, twelfth Lord i.e. Prison and faraway place. Aspect of third lord Mars i.e.friends. To sum it up together, Aryan Khan parties in cruise ship with his friends.
  • Presence of Paap Kartari yoga and malefic Ketu Rahu in ascendant drives him to this vicious circle where in Rave Party exposure of drugs is a common thing.
  • Jupiter planet of Morals, ethics, higher principles, good code of conduct is debilitated. As it’s twelfth house and in exchange with twelfth lord Saturn, which means trapped in Legal matters. Henceforth, Aryan Khan is in judicial custody in narcotics case.

Embarrassment for family

Major period lord Sun which is seventh lord of public image is debilitated in ninth house of father and aspect ed by sixth lord Moon. Both luminaries Sun and Moon denote parents. Therefore, parents’ Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan felt embarrassed due to loss of public image.

Drugs consumption

  1. Second house is of eating habits and third house is of inclination. Herein, malefic planet Saturn in second house makes one crave consuming non vegetarian food, alcohol. Saturn is in watery Sign therefore one becomes feeble in resistance of Intoxication. 
  2. Mars as third lord of friends and inclination, aspecting Saturn, clarifies role of friends in pushing Aryan Khan in bad habits.

Timing of Arrest
  1. Transit of planets from Moon Sign majority of all planets are in sixth house of controversy and litigation, and aspected by twelfth Lord debilitated Jupiter, conjuncted with Saturn. Both planets denote law enforcement. Therefore Aryan Khan landed in soup.

2. Transit of planets from Ascendant, majority of all fallen in eighth house of suddenness leading to this accidental series of events which gave humiliation

Yogini dasha

  1. 1. In yogini dasha scheme, Rahu is major period Lord, which is placed in seventh house in enemy sign and it’s depositor sun in debilitated. In Navamsha chart Rahu is debilitated, therefore it misguided Aryan Khan towards wrong path and wrong company.

2. Sub period lord Mercury in tenth of present karma, is badly Afflicted. Due to it’s placement in enemy sign and secondly, due to compression of malefic planets from either sides. Mercury is planet to distinguish between right and wrong. It gives clarity of thought and vision after proper reasoning, which comes from logical way of thinking. But, this afflicted Mercury got corrupted due to association of debilitated Rahu in Navamsha chart. 

Outcome of Aryan Khan case

  1. Sub period lord Jupiter and sub sub period lord Saturn, as second and twelfth Lord respectively shows Loss of big amount of Money, which means heavy expenses will be borne in sorting out legal matters to get him out of this case. 
  2. Aryan Khan will be bailed out but case against him will not scrape off, so early.
  3. Aryan Khan though released after much efforts will feel captive in self isolation. 

concluded by Astrologer Siddhartha Goell after unbiased assessment of Horoscope of Aryan Khan

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