Widow gets Insurance Money, flirts with Men, Wants to Remarry now  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Widow Yoga in horoscope:-


1. Malefic Mars in Saturn’s Sign i.e Aquarius. Conjunct ed with another malefic planet Rahu, forms Angaar yoga in fourth House of Family, which means disturbance in family life.


2. Above-mentioned both planets are aspected by malefic planet Saturn, which confirms that her family Life is going to ruin.


3. As sixth lord of disease Mars, aspects Sun placed in seventh house, gave Death to her husband due to illness

Moon Sign:-

  1. Mars, together with Rahu in seventh house of spouse, aspecting twelfth Lord Moon, is a bad combination for marital bliss.
  2. Malefic planet Saturn which is sixth lord of disease aspects, Mars and Rahu in seventh house, gave Death to her husband due to disease.

Money from husband:-

Seventh lord Venus with eighth Lord Mercury in eighth house denotes Wealth from husband. Which she got after the demise of her husband. Eighth house gives insurance money. 

Sexual relations:-


Saturn as third lord placed in second house, aspects seventh and eighth lords Venus and Mercury respectively, gave her hidden relationship with other men. It was multiple relationships because Mercury is also Lord of Lord of Eleventh house, that means in abundance


  1. Rahu Major period may give her remarriage because from Ascendant, it’s placement is in fourth House of family and from moon sign it’s in seventh house of Relationship.

2. In Navamsha kundli, depositor of Rahu is Venus and depositor of Jupiter is Mars. Both are conjuncted together, therefore possibility of remarriage arises, explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Remarriage of a young Widow is not unusual these days but the planetary position in her horoscope reveals multiple Relationships with other men. 


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