Effect of Mangal Dosha in 8th house in female horoscope is worst  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Manglik Girl


​ In female horoscope role of planet Mars, plays an important role with respect to sexual desire and physical relationships.


Fornication parameters


Following points should be noted which determines possibilities of physical relations with more than one partner in female horoscope:-

1.. Placement of Mars in eighth house. Has any influence of Saturn, Venus, Rahu or Mercury on it. Herein, this case of a girl , Mars is in eighth house in Saturn’s sign with conjuncted with Saturn itself. Henceforth, it indulged her in sexual intercourse with all her boyfriends and with passage of time, it also broke all those relationships.

2. Mars develop sexual desire in females. When it’s in prominent position, like in this case, ex halted Mars and that too vargottam, it gave her strong Sexual urges which she fulfilled with her male partners.

Besides Mars, one should also analyse the position of Venus, any influence of Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Mercury on it, shall corrupt the qualities of Venus, resulting in forming physical relations with multiple partners.


Herein, this case Venus is conjuncted with Rahu in seventh house of Relationship, which involved her in relationship with different men at different times.


In Navamsha chart, Mars and moon are in mutual aspect with each other in 1/7 axis, therefore more stronger possibility arises of sexual intercourse with multiple partners.


In Navamsha chart, Venus is placed in twelfth house of bedroom romance and at the same time it is aspected by Saturn, henceforth she enjoyed sexual experiences with various men before her marriage.

Eighth Mars, when afflicted makes one, a loose character and her relationship will get break with a blot, explains Relationship Counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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