character of woman can be known by trishamsha chart in a horoscope  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Identification of character traits

Assessment of character of Woman is a very complicated and complex task, which is made easy way of astrology. No matter how much one pretends to be good but the real identity of the person, comes out by the trishamsha chart of one’s horoscope. Trishamsha chart of female reveals about her mindset and personality. Any mutual connection between Mars, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Mercury in divisional charts mainly in Rashi, Navamsha and trishamsha charts establishes this fact that fornication yoga is there in one’s life. Such traits can sometimes remain hidden from society, if there’s benefic influence of Planet Jupiter.

Rashi chart of female

In this case of this woman, whose Moon is in Aries ascendant i.e. Sign of Mars.

Moon and Mars controls sexual passion, desires in females.

Venus is influenced by Saturn by way of placement in Capricorn sign. But, the saving grace is that it is aspected by ex halted Jupiter, which saves her face from malignant.

Mars on the other hand is in sign of Saturn and moreover aspected by Saturn too. This mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn is happening in 5/11 axis from Ascendant and moon. That means thought process is corrupted by indulging oneself in developing physical relationships with other men.

In Navamsha chart, Venus is again in Saturn’s sign and moon is ex halted in seventh house of Relationship in Sign of Venus but also under Rahu ketu axis. This ignited her sexual urges to the level that outside her marriage, she maintained sexual relations with her boyfriends.

Trishamsha chart

In trishamsha chart, Moon the significator of mind is in Aries sign aspecting Libra ascendant. Venus in own sign with Mercury is placed in eighth house of hidden relationship. Therefore she experienced sexual intercourse with every men she met and this trend continued even after death of her husband.

Moon and Mars controls sexual passion, desires in females. Here Moon is influenced by Mars, Venus and Rahu, henceforth her character is of infidelity…explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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