T-Series Gulshan Kumar horoscope, was shot dead मृत्यु का कारण जानिए  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Gulshan Kumar


Salient feature of Horoscope:-

  1. Placement of exhalted Fifth lord Sun in Ascendant, aspected by exhalted ascendant lord Mars, gave him high morals, good code of conduct and pious thinking


2. Exalted Ninth lord Jupiter gave him religious inclination and spiritual bent of mind

Career of Gulshan Kumar


Jupiter as ninth lord of luck, aspecting tenth house, tenth lord Saturn and also ascendant lord Mars placed in tenth house of profession helped him immensely in rising high in his career, in very younger age.


Mutual aspect of Mars and Jupiter both exhalted planets in 4/10 axis in horoscope gave him idealism and dynamism in work. The area of work and also his day to day activity of life was surrounded by worship to god. He was a true devotee of god. In many music video albums he sang bhajan and also gave chance to other artists to sing bhajan in albums, which was produced by his music label T-Series.

Tragic death of Gulshan Kumar


T-series founder Gulshan Kumar was shot dead due to malefic planetary position in his horoscope. Horoscope of Gulshan Kumar reveals accidental death because of placement of retrograde Saturn conjuncted with debilitated Rahu.

Eighth house is house of longevity. Any any malefic influence in this house or upon its lord, ceases the life span of an individual.

Herein, Saturn is also aspecting Eighth lord Mars, which also happens to be Ascendant lord. Therefore, Saturn is potential to give death inflicting pain in its major period. The sub period was of rahu, which triggered this event of accidental death.


Same pattern is repeated in navamsha chart.

Here vargottam Rahu in seventh house is being aspected by Saturn, henceforth both planets became reason for death of Gulshan Kumar, explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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