Best advice on extra marital affair question when asked by horoscope  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell 

Spouse having Extra marital affair

Wife is aware about husband’s extra marital affair. But nothing she can do because of society stigma, social pressure of parents, worry about kid’s future, financial insecurities…..and many more. Therefore many times, women ignore this infidelity of their husband and avoid any such arguments on this issue. But the bitterness and humiliation they suffer, nobody can realize what she’s going through.

Why role of Astrologer is above psychologist or marriage counselor ?

As a Relationship Counselor @siddharthagoellAstrologer Siddhartha Goell comes across such questions on daily basis. With passage of time, frequency of these kind of issues are rising, henceforth this article is shared. The motive is to bring harmony in the life of the one who is suffering. Here comes the role of an Astrologer who can guide better than any psychologist or marriage counselor because what is in store for future that only astrologer can assess. Upon basis of future possibilities arising, counseling should be given to a client.

Herein in case, the indulgence of husband in other women won’t cease and the wife seeing all that happening, will make her sick. She can’t do anything to stop him. But to bring happiness in her life, she’s been advised to Focus on her career because her horoscope was promising professional growth and rise in incomes. This will give her joy and seeing her rising higher, her children will also get motivate. She understood and decided to follow astrological remedies prescribed and got out of the gloom, in which her life was engulfed.

Infidelity combination in horoscope of Husband

In extra marital relationship connection of eighth, twelfth, fifth and seventh house and their lords needs to be checked before drawing a final conclusion. Here in horoscope chart of husband understand this

1. Lord of eighth house Jupiter conjuncted with third lord moon in 8th house.

2. Jupiter is aspecting 12th house and with retrograde aspect also aspecting 12th and 7th lord Mars.

3. Fifth lord Mercury in 3rd house is also being aspected by retrograde Jupiter.

4. Depositor of Mars and Mercury is Moon. Which is in 8th house with 8th lord.

Henceforth, love affair, secret relationship combinations exist in life of husband.

Moreover, conjunction of Saturn with Venus in sign of Venus further strengthen this combination of relationship with other women

Horoscope of Wife

In the horoscope chart of wife the mutual aspects between Jupiter and moon makes her very chaste and lives a pious life. Has very high principles in life and would not tolerate her husband cheating on her. Her moral values doesn’t let her ignore this infidelity. 

But upon reading both the charts i found that husband will not let go of his habit of having extra marital relationships and this trend will go on in future too. 

So instead of giving her predictions on bitter truth of her life, i suggested her to focus on her career. 

She is going through dasha of Venus. Which is in 11th house of achievement with eleventh lord Sun. 

Same Venus gave her marital discord because of its position

1. Venus in enemy sign with enemy sun

2. Venus is retrograde

3. Venus is compressed between malefic Saturn and Sun, making it totally helpless in giving marital happiness.

Therefore, suggestion given was to change her focus from what she can achieve instead of what she’s loosing

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