Sex with Sister Brother seduced for physical relations horoscope by  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell 

Yoga for fornication:-

1. Ascendant & lagna Lord Venus aspected by retrograde Saturn.

2. Mars in Venus sign Libra

3. Saturn in Mars nakshatra

4. Madan Gopal yoga ( Mars with Mercury) in Ascendant and in seventh house from moon.

 Secret affair yoga:-

1. Seventh lord Mars conjunction with twelfth lord Mercury placed in Ascendant. Both planets are in mutual aspect with Moon from seventh house. 

2. Fifth Lord Saturn aspects Moon and Venus

3. Mars aspects ketu in eighth house of secrecy.

Madal Gopal yoga:-

Conjunction of Mars with Mercury forms this yoga which results in development of insatiable sexual urge especially when it’s formed in Ascendant. Because Ascendant is body, therefore it generates hormone that ignites sexual energy to such a level that the person fails to understand between right and wrong but to fulfill one’s sexual desires crosses all length and breadth. This leads to his/ her character Assassination.

Horoscope of Girl in Incestuous Relationship

Incestuous relationship with brother:-

1. Above mentioned points added to girl’s personality.

2. Mars drives Sexual energy in female. Here, Mars has position, aspect, conjunction with Mercury, Venus, Moon and Saturn. All these propelled her need to have physical relations.

3. From moon sign Mercury is third lord of brother, which is conjuncted with Mars. Role of both are explained above in Madan Gopal yoga.

4. In Rashi Chart, third lord is Jupiter, which is in twelfth house of bedroom, in sign of Mercury and aspecting eighth house of secret affairs.

Moon sign of Girl

From moon sign Mars is eighth lord and conjuncted with third lord of brother. Both are placed in seventh house of sexual union 

Navamsha chart of Girl

1. Lagna Lord Mars in third house of brother forms Madan Gopal yoga. Here Mercury is eighth lord 

2. Third lord Saturn in twelveth house conjunct with rahu, Venus and moon.

3. Fifth lord of emotions and karka for brother Jupiter, aspects third and fifth houses, simultaneously.

Henceforth, secret affair with brother is confirmed from here too.

Dreshkana chart:-

This chart is mainly seen for knowing about siblings.

1. Lagna Lord Venus in seventh house in sign of Mars.

2. Seventh lord Mars in fifth with Saturn and Mercury

3. Fifth lord Saturn aspects Venus in seventh house.

Above all gives one hundred percent confirmation of the fact that during dasha of Mars and sub period of Venus she had physical relations with her brother, with her own consent.

The parameters are illicit relationship in horoscope is matched in all Divisional charts.

The golden Rule is to concentrate on –  any position, aspect or conjunction of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Moon. If Any mutual connection between them is formed and same repeats itself in divisional charts. It gives cent percent accuracy in predicting that the person shall have multiple Relationships explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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