Sexy teacher in physical relations with student Horoscope of Lucky boy  @AstrologerSiddharthaGoell ​

Teacher in Love with her Student

A female teacher falling in love with her male student who is twenty years younger than her age, sounds usual. But as the saying goes Love has no age barriers. 

Here in this case this teacher who is a widow had insatiable thirst for the physical love which she was deprived of after the demise of her husband. 

While giving tution classes to this student, who used to visit her home for same. She gradually became frank with him. 

Then oneday she confessed her sexual desires of having physical relations with him. 

To this proposal the student accepted very happily. They made love. Thereafter, they’re in regular physical relations, which remains hidden in public eye.

Now the question arises what are the planetary combinations in horoscope of boy, which made him lucky to experience his first sexual experience at the age of nineteen, with an elder aged woman ?

Horoscope of student

1 . Ascendant lord Venus is in ninth house in Saturn’s sign. And ninth Lord Saturn is placed in ascendant in sign of Venus. Therefore, both planets are in sign exchange with each other. 

Venus is a female planet. When in influence of Saturn gives interaction with women elder in age. 

2. Same goes with third Lord of mental inclination which is moon. It is Saturn’s sign Aquarius and is also aspected by Saturn. 

Like Venus, moon is a sensual planet too. Moon is a planet of romance and Venus is planet of Sex. Due to influence Saturn, this shows sexual ecstasy will be fulfilled by woman elder in age. Venus in ninth house represent female teacher.

3. Fifth house is for education and affairs. Here seventh lord Mars is posited.

4. Seventh house is for opposite sex partner. Here fifth lord Mercury is placed. Therefore, again there’s sign exchange between fifth and seventh lord. Which shows love affair, while studying.

5. Eighth house and it’s lord has to be analysed for it’s role in hidden relationship. Here eighth lord Jupiter is posited in ascendant, with in ninth lord Saturn. Jupiter is a natural significator of teacher. It aspects fifth, seventh house and it’s lord. It’s also aspecting ascendant lord Venus, which is karka of female and Sex. Together with ninth lord Saturn, it confirms that that sexual partner will be a female teacher, who will be elder in age from the student. 

As the eighth lord of secrecy Jupiter kept this relationship hidden.

Same can be verified from moon chart.

Moon sign chart

1. Exchange of sign between Saturn and Venus. Both are lords of house twelfth and fourth respectively. Twelfth house is for bedroom romances. Fourth house is for home. Henceforth, as explained earlier Saturn elder in age, Venus female planet, so the physical relations developed with elder aged woman at her home. 

2. Here Jupiter is eleventh lord of fulfillment of desires. Togather with twelveth lord Saturn, it aspects fifth and eighth lord Mercury. So the role of hidden relationship while studying come.

3. Sun the lord of opposite sex partner is in conjunction with Mercury. 

Which gives final confirmation that student will have hidden Sexual relations with his teacher.

First Sex

Any event which happen in one’s life, takes place in the period of planets that promises it.

Here Jupiter Major period is going on, which took this boy for Studies.

In Saturn’s sub period his teacher got attracted towards him. 

In Mercury’s sub period he had his first sexual experience with his teacher.

The key planets which drives one to fornication made this happen.

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