Incest son rapes mother till she willing agrees for physical relations  @AstrologerSiddharthaGoell ​

Incest Rape

Obsession of having physical relations with mother, lead to forceful act of Sex.

The boy was so much attracted towards his beautiful mother that he wanted to have sex with her at any cost.

His determination and courage picked gradually, when he first felt the nude body of her, after sedating her food laced with sleeping pills. He took off her clothes. Seeing her topless with full blossomed fleshy breasts, he got crazy and sucked, squeezed her nipples, till the time she was unconscious.

On second occasion he mixed sleeping pills in her juice and once she became unconscious, this time he did have complete sex with her body, to the full length. Thereafter, with every passing day his desire to have sex with her increased manifold.

On another occasion, while she was having shower, she noticed him watching her. Upon asking, what is he doing, his balls were already on fire upon seeing her naked. He had full-on erection, he couldn’t control and took her in arms. Lied down her on bed, raised the volume of television and locked the door. He forcefully made love to her. This time he enjoyed maximum because she was conscious, awaken and could feel him.

Victim does not report incest rape

She didn’t compliant this act to her husband because she was scared of shaming.

Thereafter, it became a regular practice and gradually she gave in to his demand.

Since, then both mother and son are in incest relationship

Horoscope of Incest rapist son

The horoscope of boy boy has such planetary that he will develop incest relationship with mother by pushing himself on her.

Since, the significantor of mind and mother Moon is badly afflicted, henceforth his inclination to have sexual relations with mother, growth manifold.

Moon, in Aquarius sign aspected by cruel planet Mars, gave him the driving force to accomplish his goals.

Saturn is stubborn, his aspect on moon from sixth house, made him adamant.

Rahu Ketu nexus on moon further corrupted his bent of mind.

Here one should also assess role of fourth house lord, and planets influencing both. Saturn is fourth lord of mother, which is in debilitated sign in sixth house with eighth lord Mercury. Eighth house and it’s lord discloses the secret relations.  Sixth lord Mars is mutual aspect with Saturn and Mercury, both. Female planet of Sex, Venus in eighth house is being aspected by Saturn.

Above-mentioned parameters confirm that mother will be victim of Sexual exploitation by son.

Mother agrees for incest relations

The eighth lord from moon is Sun. That foretells secret hidden relations of Mother

Here Sun is in exhalation state.

This shows mother will continue maintaining this incest relationship with son, in secrecy.

And therefore, later she had her consent of having physical relations happily with her son.

The horoscope is the key to know the outcome of sexual relationships.

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