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Boring sex life leads to disharmony in relationship. Henceforth, couples in live-in relationship, open marriage should opt for swapping options because it adds spice to existing relationship. One can’t break marriage because on this ground only that one is not getting physical enjoyment from their partner. So there is no rule book which says that you’ll get every enjoyment from your partner only. Wise is to get your share of happiness from wherever you can get. Herein, this case husband seeks advice and wants opinion from Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell. Upon analyzing horoscope of his wife, they’d been given green signal to proceed further in this endeavor for wife swapping. The planetary combinations in horoscope of wife suggests that she’ll enjoy it most and won’t have any hesitation in developing physical relations with other men. It is very important element because in sexual pleasures, contribution of women plays a significant role.

Swapping Wife

Salient features of Horoscope:-

Ascendant lord is posited in fifth house in sign of Libra. 

Depositor Venus is seventh house of opposite sex partner.

It is it’s ko Dand rashi Sagittarius.

Depositor Jupiter also denotes husband is debilitated in eighth house of secret relations.

Lord of eighth house Saturn is posited in ascendant. It is in mutual aspect with Moon, rahu and Venus.

This clarifies that wife shall develop sexual relations with other men, with consent of her husband.

Other polygamy yogas are also present in Rashi chart

1. Venus is a planet of Sex and female. When in  conjunction with moon i.e. planet of romance in seventh house of relationship, makes very highly romantic

2. Conjunction of Rahu with Venus propel one’s sexual desires beyond control

3. Mutual aspect of Saturn with above mentioned planets, give multiple sexual relations with multiple sex partners. It makes one heterosexual

4. Mutual aspect of Mercury and Mars forms a Madan Gopal yoga. Where one doesn’t hesitate to make physical relations with other people

Navamsha Chart

 In Navamsha chart

Ascendant ninth house of rashi chart is rising i.e. Sagittarius.

Lord Saturn is posited in eleventh house in conjunction with Venus.

2. Venus is vargottam means in same sign as in Rashi chart.

3. Again repetition of Venus Saturn connection further strengthens polygamy yogas

 4. Again repetition of Mars and Mercury combination strengthens polygamy

5. Further seventh Lord Sun is debilitated in sign of Venus in ninth house of children. And fifth lord Mercury is in mutual aspect with sun.

This particular yoga makes probability of wife getting pregnant by her lover and in some cases also gives birth to children

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