Medicinal benefits of kidney stone Gemstone

kidney is a very important part of human body, malachite gem has such properties which strengthens, filters our kidney from various impurities, for more information WhatsApp +91-7827020780 to connect with AstrologerSiddharthaGoell

Garnet gemstone

Astrologer Siddhartha Goell explains Garnet gem has tremendous healing power, because mineral properties present in it, works wonders for patients suffering from joint pains, Arthritis

संभोग – एक अनोखा रिश्ता ____

आज के विषय से शायद कई लोगो को आपत्ति हो सकती है। तो मेरी उन सब लोगो से विनती है कि पहले यह विषय पढ़े और फिर भी अगर कुछ गलत लगे तो माफ़ करे। पर यहाँ पर यह विषय पर बात इसीलिए करनी मैंने जरुरी समझी है कि संभोग को सब मानते है और…

Shani – The power of Shani- Series -11

|| Nilanjan samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam chaya martand sambhutam tam namami shainshcharam || We worship the Blue Eyed Lord Saturn who is the Son of Sun, The elder brother of Yama, born to Chaya and Martand (Sun). Saturn in the 4th house This is the house of education- middle school education. This also defines your home…


MANGLIK  DOSH (Mars defect) IN HOROSCOPE AND HOROSCOPE MATCHING. 1. Placement of Mars in select houses in a native’s horoscope is generally famous as”Manglik Dosh” leading to disturbance of MARITAL BLISS. Some people with fixed mindset call it reality. Some with similar fixed mindset call it myth. Some question how Mars / Mangal can be…