Labors Of Love and The Money Mystique

Astrological career guide… and the achievement of simultaneous financial security and financial freedom

There are millions upon millions of men and women who are discontented, depressed, and unhappy, whose talents, abilities, and “daydreams” are sadly mismatched with the way they earn their daily bread. We believe that people should “labor with love”, that the employment or career should harmonize with each person’s character, personality, and inner goals—or dreams—since that’s the only way to be truly happy.

The truest words ever expressed on the subject of working, written by the poet from Lebanon, Kahlil Gibran, who warned that work must be performed with genuine love, or it’s waste of time and energy: that if you cannot work with love, it’s better that you do nothing until you do find such work, meanwhile accepting charity from those who do labor with love. For, as Gibran expressed so beautifully, bread baked without love is bitter bread that feeds, but half man’s hunger”. 

Remember that you were born to excel in some kind of occupation, profession, or career. There is something you can do better than anyone else in the world, by bringing to it your personal touch of magic, based upon the individual character, personality, inner motives, and dreams of your Sun Sign or (more better it’ll be if you know your Ascendent that’ll be the best way to climb the ladder).

To know your Ascendent, mail us your correct Time of Birth, Date of Birth and Place of Birth and we’ll let you know the professions best suited to you.

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