Are marriages made in a heaven or do we have a choice

Hindu_marriage picThe karma theory cites rinanubandhan ((debt of past lives) as a probable reason for choice of people who surround us. Does the divine power that plots our destiny decide our partner before our birth? If so, why bother with Kundli milaan (matching of horoscopes). We have seventy five percent destiny that cannot be changed and twenty five percent freewill that minimizes or maximizes the impact of the fixed destiny through good and bad karmas. To say that a partner in marriage is fixed and the effort in choosing one is an exercise that is futile, therefore in my view is wrong.

Can we have a fairy tale love? A reality check. How do we characterize modern marriage
Are two people satisfied in their relationship? Can we term earlier marriages in a male dominated society successful, since they lasted, in most cases till death did them part. Do we ignore the fact that there was no scope for a woman to assert her rights freely and dispute unjustified actions as she was economically dependent? Can we term those marriages also successful where a man married another woman inspite of a devoted wife because both marriages lasted lifelong? Can you have the concept of happy marriage of a literate to a semi-educated woman, who may have devoted herself to rearing children and attending household chores, blissfully unaware of her potential and devoid of aspirations? But, for understanding what is happiness and unhappiness is we have go back to our shastras. When you have expectations, you have unhappiness.