Answers through Astrology

Life is an illusion, not reality. What we know of it is from our sensory perceptions.

Perhaps near- death and around – birth experiences are closer to reality, when the soul perhaps remembers some past life events and sees the future ones also. Amidst this confusion between reality and illusions, the enlightened advise us to perform meaningful karmas that help us in this life and in the lives to come. Even among the enlightened (Tatwa Gianis) there are different views, given that their understanding of the un-understandable varies; the absolute truth itself appears an illusion!

Preachers have different levels of ‘tatwa’. Tatwas can be defined as an element or aspect of reality. There is mention of ‘Atma-tatwa’, ‘Vishnu tatwa’, ‘Shiva-tatwa’ and the like in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The tatwas are said to be 32 in number. None has perhaps mastered all of them. Will we ever get to know the reality? Only God knows!

A path to a deeper understanding of the soul, closer to reality, is shown by astrology, this goal can be also be reached perhaps by concentrating on the Bhagavad Gita and other religious scriptures. Based on our knowledge of correct predictions on application of astrological principles, it can be said that we carry with us, after death, just an account of our karmas, and nothing else. The consequences of these karmas are to be experienced in the lives to come. A natural question is: can an astrologer take us to the right path for liquidating our karmas and creating meaningful karmas. Astrologers are perennially searching for convincing answers to this abstract question convincingly this abstract question. One technique is to focus on the 1-5-9 houses of a horoscope.