Romancing with the Gems

Friends are forever.

But ever thought of having a gem for a friend?

Mr.Siddhartha Goell, tells how gemstones, just like friends, can alter one’s life.

A blue sapphire acts on nervous system, a coral clears the respiratory tract and, surprise of surprises-a combination of emerald and a blue sapphire, set in brass is a prescription to cure badness

It might sound a little unbelievable, but for every physical, mental and emotional problem, there seems to be a gem prescription.

“Some promote well-being, others change life for better, and there are still others which are curative”

says Delhi based Ratna Chikitsak ( Gem Therapist) and Astro Palmist Mr. Siddhartha Goell.

People suffer from fear of future, anxieties of present and frustrations of the past. Of these, fear of the future is most daunting, driving people to astrologers, Mr. Goell, says, he only help shape it by counselling people on what they should do today for a better tomorrow.

“An Amethyst is a tranquilizer, wear an Emerald gem, and know a friend from foe”

and talking about rare gems, Mr. Goell has a Malachite- Egypt’s national stone, in his mind boggling collection. He expostulates, “Gems are more than just embellishments in your jewllery.

Nurture a prescribed gem like your companion and experience the positive vibes.

A gem is handpicked for an individual after in-depth study of Birth chart, personality traits, professional make up and likes and dislikes.

Astro-palmists maintain, the lines on the hand-the most precise representation of character, behavior, temperament and destiny-keep changing as thinking a patterns change with the passage of time. Mr. Goell, explains that upheavals in life are consequence of a mind in turmoil. In gem therapy, the gemstones worn as directed, beams positive energies on the mind, helping the individual focus his energies on the right things.

“Like a friend, the gem helps sort out your life, de-clutter the mind, making you focused in thinking”.

“Since gems belong to mineral kingdom, they are concentrated with cosmic powers”.

When worn by individuals, the energy mingles with the body vibrations, nullifying negative aspects, after which a certain calm takes over.

There is a procedure- the where, when, how and why behind it, for which the stone goes through a spiritual treatment.

“The gem set in a certain fashion should be worn on certain days, at the prescribed time after saying a prayer” adding that placement is important”

It is either the chosen fingers of the active hand for ring or close to the heart ,a pendant in this case or an armlet.