Profession Best suited

As Astrologer, i usually get students’ parent,  meeting astrologer with natal chart of their  children to know about best suited profession and education for their child. Its a very tricky due to new age profession and education streams.

Astrologically we have our set of technique to check Arth trikona, karak Saturn, D10 chart etc. all these are karmic signature and indication.

Astrologer is basically a Guide, who shows destiny store house and Guide native through light of planets. Its no doubt that we work on analytical presumption and we must take into account to inheriting traits of person to guide towards best possibility of future which suit to his natural state of mind.

In Astrology, UDAY LAGNA ~ RISING LAGNA ie. ASCENDANT 1ST HOUSE  is natural mind aka the natural capability, god gifted traits, skills, physical appearance are seen.

After this 2nd and 3rd most important factor are luminiaries Sun and moon however Lagna is not be seen only from the above factor but we must consider the Lagnesh ie. Ascendant Lord’s  location in chart

PAKKA LAGNA ~ where ever depositor of lagna is placed  in our chart we call it pakka lagna. Its beyond doubt that lagnesh resembles us and pakka lagna shows the how we express our self in this world. 

When we want to see best about us and how we express our self in physical world this lagna play vital role.

When we are asked best suited environment for a person, which will suit him and make him happy to be around then we must check the sign and house placement of pakka lagna in our chart.

1st house ~ Native is free bird, will like to work independently, born leader and excellent executive abilities, like express best in competitive charged atmosphere.

2nd house ~ Native express best where they have things have to collected and maintained like banks types, one can profound use of ones general knowledge and speech etc.

3rd house ~ Native expresses best in places where planning, explaining, writing works, team efforts, sales works, communication,  meeting,  schedules etc are involved with small travelling.

4th house ~ Native expresses best in dealing with people, teaching, providing security, emotional environment, growing subjects

5th house ~ Native express best in creative works, performance art, politics, leading in centre of everything, management works and  glamorous areas

6Th House ~ Native express in providing his service and expertise in areas where lots of thinking and  debating is involved.

7Th house ~ Native express best in where we have to  build partnerships, make and crack deals, negotiation involved, diplomacy and bargaining needed

8Th house ~ Native express best in ever changing and high pressure areas where secrecy maintenance and continues research and upgrading is involved.

9th house ~ Native expresses best when dealing with society and cultural issues. Teaching, guiding, directing, preaching, training people. Like power behind the throne.

10Th house ~ Native expresses best when entrusted with responsibility like a executive,  management works,  where he have to create rules, as a administrator, vertical organizations or systems

11Th house ~ Native expresses best in horizontal systems areas where large number of people are to be dealt in, connecting with world are their best talents

12Th house ~ Native express best in where out of box ideas are needed (Jugaad), subconsious mind works, foreign land works, undercover works, secret out of court settlement amongst people needed.

Signs wise Lagnesh in own sign is best suited to a native.

Aries sign ~ Native likes charged,  controlling and top post position to be happy and express freely

Taurus sign ~ Native is calculative, practical and  express best where status quo is to be maintained

Gemini sign ~ Native is chatty and freely expresses and blessed with strong presence of mind

Cancer sign ~ Native is relaxed, easy going, good at arrangement works.

Leo sign ~ Native is magnanimous, confident, boosting, capable person with over the top expression

Virgo sign ~ Native reserved, critical, thinker, intellectuals, detail oriented in his expression

Libra sign ~ Native is social but balanced and  sophisticated in his expression

Scorpio sign ~ Native is very cautious, always in state of some kind  of emergency in his expression

Sagittarius sign ~ Native expresses in  optimistic, openly truthful, intellectual manner

Capricorn sign ~ Native express in very calculative, tactful, practical, no nonsense way

Aquarius sign ~ Native is naturally friendly but with fixed outlook, logical and unpredictable manner

Pisces sign ~ Native expresses in sensitive, sympathetic, well cultured manner.

As per holistic chart we must mix significant and check how native express himself and suggest possible areas where he will be able to perform freely with keeping traditional Arth trikon, karak and D10  for best possible guidance as per his natural self and his way to express himself.

Depositor of pakka lagna should not be afflicted as that will cause health problems

If depositor of pakka lagna is related to this then native get extra charisma and give status to native

Pakka lagna in paap katari  will give bondage and lack of free will to express himself.

Planet related to pakka lagna add their features in our mode of expression

7th house and sign play vital role in this as it shows person who help us or if enemy of lagnesh then oppose us in our endeavours.

We can apply this same fundamental in divisional chart and see how the chart possesses in the respective karaktatwa of divisional chart. Will write more on the pakka lagna in divisional chart in future.


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