Astrology & Ayurveda

Combination of Astrology and Ayurveda, guides us how to keep ourselves healthy and also to enhance our life span. In ancient times Vaidya or Ayurvedacharya had enough knowledge of Astrology and other occult sciences.

Ayurveda”s diagnostic systems is Nadi gyan, in common language it is called Nabja reading.

According to Ayurveda, human body is a combination of Tridoshas which are called Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. These dosha always remain in the body of a person in a proportion and balances the health, hence it should be in the proper ratio.

When this ratio gets disturbed due to not following the guidelines of Ayurveda, bad elements aggravate diseases in the body.

The diagnostic system in Ayurveda is related to studying the motions of Nadi’s by putting three fingers on front left side of joint of wrist of a patient where three motions of Nadi’s are found, accordingly the assessment or diagnosis of a disease establish the which particular Dosha is aggravating as per movements and motions of these Nadi’s and upto what extent.

The Vaata nadi’s motion and running style or movement is always like the running style of a Snake.

The Pitta nadi’s running style is like jumping of a Frog.

The Kapha nadi’s running style or movement is always like a flowing of water with bubbles in it.

The time of twenty four hours of a day has been divided into three parts of eight hours each.

Related dosha for each Nadi aggravates in their respective allotted time slot of eight hour. Aggravation of these dosha are in the ascending order upto midpoint i.e. upto four hours of the total eight hours, then after reaching half time, it starts descending.

Timings are as follows:-

Vatta– from evening i.e. 07:00 pm upto 03:00 am in the mid night, more aggravating time is first half of it.

Kapha– mid night 03:00 am to 11:00 am, first half is more aggravating, that is why persons with Asthma disease start coughing and feeling more trouble after 03:00 am onwards.

Pitta– starts from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm, first half is more aggravating.

Each house of our natal chart indicate various body parts related to that house. Planetary placements, aspects, conjunctions with other planets in that house play main role of the house, which is under affliction to ascertain the disease.

The planets responsible tridosha, if under malefic influence, gives rise to the following disease:-

  1. Diseases from Vaata dosha- Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, sometime malefic Mercury also joins to aggravate the Vaata disease, Saturn alone gives 80 types of Vaata Vikaras, if Saturn is alonwith Rahu or Ketu or under affliction, severe illness takes place according to the condition of the house and the body part represented by them. Eighty types of Vaata diseases are mentioned, some of them are: all type of pains, sprains, paralysis, sytica, joint pains, loss of memory, fits, problem to the ear and other ailments including unconsciousness etc.
  2. Diseases from Pitta dosha- Mars & Sun are the karakas, gives hypertension, blood pressure, heart disease, brain hemorrhages, bleedings, fits, bone problems, operations, boils, small pox, tumours etc. a combination with ketu, it becomes undiagnosed disease between ulcers and cancerous cells or internal boils. A combination of Rahu and Saturn with afflicting planet gives Imbalanced Mind, a similar affliction (malefic influence jointly of Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu) on 4th house/ 4th lord and also an affliction on sign Cancer can cause Heart attack/ operation/surgery.
  3. Diseases from Kapha dosha- Moon, Jupiter, Venus and malefic Mercury alongwith 4th house are the karakas  for kapha dosha, hence we have to very minutely analyse the malefic effect of these to find out the possibility of heart or lungs related problems. Kapha dosha gives Cough, Cold, lungs related diseases like Pleurisy ( collection of the water into lungs and ribs, respiratory disorders, mucous membrane, chest pain, T.B, bone problems, throat glands problems, thyroid, bleeding while coughing if the affliction of Mars is more on the 4th house or 4th lord, it indicates Bronchitis, difficulty in breathing, fevers and Typhoid etc.

Many herbal treatments have been prescribed in reference of Ayurveda, like how to pluck a herb from a plant/tree chanting a specific mantra to remove a specific ailment from the body as treatment and to remove malefic effect of a planet.

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