kids problem identified from parent’s Horoscope by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell संतान कष्ट जानिए

Destiny Connection

Destinies are inter linked. Therefore, problem to children or trouble from children can be identified by the Horoscope of Parents.

Horoscope of Mother

Here in this particular case, Fifth house of horoscope which is to be seen for information sought about children, is badly afflicted.

1. Placement of Jupiter which is karka of progeny is in sign of Mars. That is not a harmonious sign.

2. Jupiter itself is Retrograde. Which is bad. It does not deliver good results.

3. Depositor of Jupiter is Mars, which is afflicted due to in Rahu/ketu Axis.

4. Jupiter is aspected by Saturn and Sun. Both are conjuncted. Conjunction of Sun with enemy Saturn is not good. Sun is government and Saturn is punishment. Hence, her son was sentenced to Jail in drug case.

5. Jupiter is lord of ninth house ie. second child. Her daughter suffered too in her married life. She had to remarry and that also went in disaster

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