Friends with Benefits can be known by Horoscope @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Friends in Need

Friendship with opportunist people can proved to be very harmful in life. Beware before forming any bond with them as they are not trustworthy. Personality traits can be identified in Astrology through thorough analysis of one’s horoscope explains Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Horoscope of Selfish people

Ungrateful people identification

  1. Fifth house in Horoscope and it’s lord and also planets influencing both, plays a vital role in thinking, thought process of an individual; Any malefic influence gives sick mentality
  2. Ninth house of Horoscope, it’s lord and planets influencing both, tells about principles, morals, code of conduct of an individual; Any malefic influence makes a person hypocrite, ungrateful and his loyalties will shift as per the situation because such people are opportunist
  3. Here in this horoscope, one can see that Lord of fifth house Sun is placed in ninth house of morals with Ninth lord Jupiter, itself. Together both royal planets could have given him high Ethics and morals but since both are conjuncted with Rahu, hence both got corrupted. Being within Rahu/Ketu axis Sun got eclipsed, therefore lost his shine and glory. Whereas, Jupiter formed Guru Chandaal yoga, which makes one hypocrite and never holds gratefulness towards people who helped them in life. Such people also keep complaining and finds faults in other’s deed.

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