Raj Kundra’s Arrest outcome by Horoscope of wife Shilpa Shetty @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Shilpa Shetty

Career graph of Shilpa Shetty

1. Started career in acting from debut in bollywood film Baazigar. Major period of Rahu has started . It’s placement in eleventh house of achievement, gave her name, fame, acclaim, recognition and ofcourse financial gains, which kept on going on, throughout.

2. Depositor of Rahu is Mars. It’s placed in third house of Self efforts, with a creative planet Jupiter. Mars, aspect on tenth house of profession, helped her to carve her career and establishment in film industry.

Beauty and Sex appeal of Shilpa Shetty

Aspect of planet Venus n ascendant which is karka of love, sex, romance and beauty, gave her such beauty and magnetic attraction that her fan following keeps on growing, day after day

Marriage of Shilpa Shetty with Raj Kundra

1. Moon which is Seventh lord of Marriage is placed in fifth house emotions, with eighth and ninth lords. This her her hidden relationships, broken Relationships and lastly, during it’s sub period, her romance with Raj Kundra blossomed And due to exhaltation of Moon, this love affair turned into marriage.

2. As Moon is under Rahu/Ketu axis, therefore gave her inter caste marriage.  The spouse Raj Kundra is a Punjabi boy

Shilpa Shetty blessed with Son

 Jupiter which is karka for progeny and especially a male child, during is sub period, blessed Shilpa Shetty with a baby boy. Aspect of Jupiter is ninth house, which is fifth from fifth house, therefore house of children

Raj Kundra in IPL

1. From the onset of Saturn sub period during 2012 in horoscope of Shilpa Shetty, one can monitor the series of events, which clarifies how husband Raj Kundra got engulfed in controversies. Saturn is in sixth house of conflicts, litigation, henceforth Delhi Police interrogated Raj Kundra for alleged Match fixing and other irregularities when he was owner of Rajasthan Royals team. 

2. Later, in Mercury sub period in 2015 , which is again Lord of sixth house, Court order came against Raj Kundra found him guilty and verdict came which banned him from cricket

Arrest of Raj Kundra

Now that recently Raj Kundra got arrested because it is Sun sub period in major period of Jupiter. Both planets are lordship of 6/8 Axis from each other, which indicates controversies.

Sun which is karka of government, it is afflicted due to it comes in Rahu ketu Axis, therefore it gets Eclipsed. Resulting in Raj Dand ie. Legal action against husband Raj Kundra from government agencies, tax evasion, arrest, public image got maligned.

Horoscope of Raj Kundra

Relief for Raj Kundra in 2022

 1. Beginning of Moon sub period in horoscope of Shilpa Shetty shall bring sight of relief for husband Raj Kundra, because it’s Lord of spouse which is exhalted, henceforth will bring relief. Perhaps, release on bail, might get acquittal from case.

2. No harsh action maybe taken against Raj Kundra. View of government agencies against Raj Kundra, may get softer.

3. Public image will regain. Business will be back to normal. Explains Astrologer Siddhartha Goell Horoscope chart of Raj Kundra foretells Period between August 2021 till mid January 2022, shall be of litigation.

4. Raj Kundra will get bail but he will fight back in court of law with full might and finally be acquitted. Issues will get resolved and Life will be back to normal

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