Married Woman’s search for a Live-in Relationship horoscope chart by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of a Hindu Married Woman

 @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell  explains herewith horoscope chart of a married woman, who is searching for a companion for a Live-in Relationship

Basic features of Horoscope for failed Marriage:-

1. Ascendant Lord Jupiter, which is also significant factor in horoscope of every woman, when assessing about Marriage prospects. Here, in this case planet of Marriage i.e. Jupiter is debilitated. Which means it shall derive Marital happiness from her life.

2. Planet of love, Sex and Romance ie. Venus is retrograde. Apart from that it’s in sign of Venus and it’s conjunction with debilitated Jupiter, further weakens it’s qualities. Henceforth, denial of bed comforts with her companion.

3. Sun, a separative planet in Ascendant, Eclipsed by Rahu

4. Saturn retrograde in seventh house of spouse, conjuncted with ketu and aspected by enemy Sun.

Above all are responsible for her failed Marriage.

Planets which Deprived Bed Comforts

Eunuch Planet Saturn placed in seventh house of Relationship, in Gemini sign of another Eunuch Planet Mercury, vanished away all hope of sexual intimacy with her partner. She couldn’t get least chance of sexual intercourse pleasure from her husband, as Saturn is conjuncted with Ketu and both are aspected by enemy planet Sun

Search for Companion started in Major period of Venus

1. Venus in the sign of Saturn generate possibilities of sexual intimacy with another partner.

2. In navamsha kundli Venus is in the sign of Mercury, which is Seventh lord in Birth chart. Here Venus is placed in twelfth house of hidden or unconventional Relationship.

Navamsha D-9 chart

Why Live-in Companion

As Jupiter is exhalted in Navamsha kundli, won’t let Woman to take divorce, therefore technically she’ll remain married, but Venus is encouraging her to go for a Live-in Relationship outside her marriage

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