Wife lives with her boyfriend – horoscope of husband discussed by @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Horoscope of Husband


Relationship with Spouse

1. Seventh house, it’s Lord and planets associated with them, determine one’s Relationship with spouse or partner.

2. Any malefic influence on them will bring disappointment, and vice versa.

Why Marital bliss was missing ?

1. Placement of twelfth Lord Saturn in seventh house of spouse, in sign of Leo, which is it’s enemy sign. Made the picture of gloom. It promises either of the one results

A). Delay or No marriage(

B). Even if one get’s married it’ll deprive marital happiness

2. Moreover, this Saturn, who is also ascendant Lord aspects seventh lord Sun. Therefore, one will have enmity with one’s spouse or will have clash of interest, perhaps ego problems.

3. Lord of seventh house of spouse Sun is debilitated, henceforth problems related to Relationships will aggravate. Spouse will have adamant behavior, will not compromise much, leading to incompatibility between couple.

4. Venus, the planet of love, sex and romance is completely combusted with Sun. Which is why hope of happy Marital life vanished

Wife has a boyfriend

1. Venus, a female planet, when assessing male’s horoscope, should be examined minutely to draw a conclusion about one’s wife or female companion.

2. Here, Venus is combusted as explained above, therefore it’s looses it’s sheen. One cannot expect to get anything from his female companion. 

3. Venus, combustion lowers sperm count leading to impotency or weakness in sexual life. One fails to satisfy one’s companion to it’s fullest, henceforth female will remain dissatisfied in her desire for sexual urges. Intercourse will be very brief or negligible.

4. Venus, aspected by Saturn is a combination of sexual intercourse with other partner, as it ignites sexual drive. Saturn, is the fifth Lord from Venus, therefore signifies emotions. It’s placement in Eleventh house from Venus, gives fulfillment of desires with other men. It’s aspect on Venus gives long term indulgence in sexual activities.

5. From ascendant, Saturn is twelfth Lord of bedroom and also of elopement. It’s aspect on Sun and Venus, both placed in Ninth house of second Relationship, establishes this fact that female has bedroom Relationship with her boyfriend with whom she chose to live with and for this she’s doesn’t require anyone’s consent because she her is very adamant woman, who takes her own decision and doesn’t seek any advice for same

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