Professionally well qualified Boy for Marriage but still unmarried  @Astrologer Siddhartha Goell ​

Single status

In the world of singles, where everyone seeks a partner for themselves. Moreover if the eligible bachelor is well qualified and acquires high position in government job, then how wouldn’t like to marry such a person ? But the irony of life is such that planets play their vital role in one’s life

Horoscope of bachelor

Role of Jupiter:-

  1. Jupiter is placed in seventh house of relationship but in enemy sign and that too aspected by debilitated retrograde Mars, therefore no Marriage.
  2. In navamsha chart, Jupiter has gone in twelfth house and it’s depositor is Mars, which again is weak due to its placement in sign of Saturn and also in Rahu ketu axis

Jupiter in Navamsha chart

Role of Saturn:-

Saturn obstructed Marriage

  1. Saturn being seventh lord of relationship is placed in sixth house with ascendant lord Sun, which is it’s enemy, henceforth it obstructed Marriage process.
  2. Influence of Saturn on sun in rashi chart and on moon in navamsha chart, formed Kumar yoga, which gives no Marriage

Role of Mars in Marriage
  1. Debilitated and Retrograde Mars with Rahu forms Angaar yoga, which give separation, especially when both separation giving planets are placed in twelfth house and eight house from moon.
  2. In navamsha chart, Mars is seventh lord of relationship but helpless in sign of Saturn and also in Rahu ketu axis

Moon sign chart

Here in this case, planetary combinations are such which didn’t let Marriage solemnized. In spite of many efforts person couldn’t get married because throughout his life he got dasha sequence of planets which obstructed his Marriage, explains Relationship counselor astrologer Siddhartha Goell

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