Gems are good conductors of cosmic energy, they works as a receiver and transmit this cosmic energy into our body. Like the crystals used in radio receivers that decode invisible radio waves into sound, gemstones attract and condense the astral energy waves that comes from sky to earth and transforms them for use by the human energy system. This energy helps us to prevent mishappennings and also cures us from diseases.  As weakness of Eyesight can be removed by wearing eyeglasses; similarly weakness of our stars can be also diminished by wearing an appropriate Gemstone.

Every human being must reap the fruits of his past deeds written in his fate & Gem stones can neither increase nor decrease them, but what it does is, that it removes the hurdles to a great extent that come in the way, by the grace of God. It does the work of an umbrella while you’re walking in the rain. It keeps you goings, so that you may walk steadily in your life without hindrance, it strengthens the Will power. It is a well-known fact that a Person with strong Will power and Perseverance, Succeeds in life.