From thousands of years, Ruby is considered to be of the highest caliber. A fine quality of Ruby i.e. of a VVS quality in whatever size can prove to be costlier than any other gemstone of the same size no matter it may be a diamond also. In all the ancient texts it is mentioned as a King of Gems.

General Introduction: The Sun god is considered to be the king of all the planets. By His grace the life of the human beings develops. Ruby is prescribed to strengthen the debilitated position of the Sun. Ruby is a very precious and beautiful gem. This is called by different names according to the places it is found at. Most of the names of Ruby are found in Sanskrit language.

RUBY ‘MANIKYA’ is a gem of the Sun, lord of Singh rashi (Leo sign). One who wears it becomes courageous, fearless, strong, firm & stubborn. The wearer becomes fortunate, achieves success, fame, occupies prominent & high status during its tenure, in distress it grows dim.

Rubies of Burmese origin are considered to be best in the world. It is found in mogok mines situated in northern Myanmar. Its color is best described as pigeons’ blood. The most expensive ruby sold to this date is of 15.97 carat wt., Alen Coplan, a mogok mine product for stunning $3,630,000 in 1988. Now in India also, Ruby is being extracted from mines. Though it is not thought to be of high quality.
The chemical constituent of Ruby is Aluminium Oxide and presence of Chromium makes its color red. Color varies from source to source. Color is also a very important factor in determining its price.

Its hardness is 9, next only to diamond. So it can be cleaned with a fine brush in lukewarm soap water, without fear of scratches.
Use of the gem: Ruby gem is worn in the morning at sunrise on Sunday. It produces heat in human body, so at the time of fever it is warned not to wear for some time