Aura Healing

The colors constitute a portion of your Aura when it’s harmoniously balanced, as related to the day you were born. There are specific colors and gemstones that vibrate for that particular single number.

Another portion of your Aura when it’s harmoniously balanced is composed of the colors of your Sun sign—another portion is composed of the Ascendent or the Rising Sign of your nativity or Birth Chart (Horoscope). Completing your personal Rainbow (your aura) are the colors representing all your planetary positions at birth: the astrological signs in which the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) were located when you drew your first breath.

However, the predominating auric colors having an effect upon your tranquility and well being are those colors representing your Sun Sign—and the Ascendent or Rising Sign of your horoscope. Here are the colors—and Gemstones—of each of the 12 Sun Signs. Study them, and then we’ll discuss how to use them.


Sun Sign:     Ruling Planet:   Ruling Number:        Harmonious Colors:  


Aries:            (Mars)          9      Ruby or Crimson red, true blue and white


Taurus:  (Venus)        6        Rose Pink, all shades of Blue, Brown and deep-green


Gemini:  (Mercury)     5       pearl grey, light green and silver


Cancer:  (Moon)     2           light green, pale yellow, silver, violet and lavender


Leo:        (Sun)        1              sunny yellow, orange, sometimes purple


Virgo:  (Mercury)    5           pearl grey and silver( as in Gemini) – but also forest green                                               and white


Libra:  (Venus)      6    rose pink, also pastel shades of every color, especially light blue


Scorpio:   (Pluto)     0          black, blood red, burgundy, wine and maroon


Sagittarius:  (Jupiter)  3      autumn colors, such as yellow, bright orange and rust—                         also turquoise. Sagittarius sometimes shares the love of purple with Leo


Capricorn:  (Saturn)   8         indigo, navy blue, all shades of brown, and dark green


Aquarius:    (Uranus)  4     electric blue and cobalt blue, silver grey and ocean green


Pisces:  (Neptune)     7          light yellow, emerald green, pink and white.