Marriage or Bed hopping ?

brief parameters are mentioned below for astrology lovers, to differentiate between the thin line. Marriage or Bed Hopping

Horoscope matching is a must for Success or Failure of Married life

Below Video is a case study explained well with the horoscopes of couple who got married, lived happily and also prospered in life. Inspite of Affliction in Birth charts. All those pandits who saw their natal charts, predicted Divorce or Widow yogas but on the contrary happened

House Significations in Natal Birth Chart

  The Significance of Houses from first onwards are sub-headed as: First: Complexion 2. Physique 3.Head 4. Identity marks on the person 5. Thinking 6. Grief 7. Fame 8. Devotion to Gods 9. Auspiciousness 10. Happiness 11. Age (longevity) 12. Next birth. Second: Family 2. Wealth 3. Eyes 4. Education 5. Landed property 6. Truthfulness…