inter caste inter-religion marriage possibilities can be identified in a horoscope in just 2 minutes

Identifying marriage possibilities outside one’s own caste is quite easy. Astrology reveal vital sutras as mentioned in ancient Shastra by our sages. Here Astrologer Siddhartha Goell, quickly shares few clues with the help of a horoscope of a young Hindu girl who marries a Muslim boy. When a Astrologer closely monitors one birth chart, they can predict of such events, which can arise in one’s life, whether in man-woman relationship or otherwise marriage

The parameters which is to be seen which analyzing birth chart of prospective girl or boy for marriage possibilities are as follows:-

Role of planets connected with 7th house in horoscope

  1. Any man woman relationship should be seen from planets associated with seventh house or it’s lord.
  2. Any malefic influence, not cruel but mild malefics like Rahu ketu, indicates that opposite partner shall be of another caste or culture.

Parameters for Inter Religion Marriage in Astrology

  1. Here, besides seventh house and it’s lord, more focus needs to be given on ninth house. As ninth house is for religion.
  2. Planet that should be scrutinized should be Jupiter.
  3. Any malefic influence on ninth house, it’s lord or on planet Jupiter, signifies inter religion marriage

Parameters for Religion Conversion in Horoscope

After taking into account above two mentioned parameters, now role of ninth house it’s lord and any it’s any connection with eighth house in horoscope, makes possibilities for religion conversion

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