Multiple Marriage and Divorce combinations in a horoscope explained by Astrologer Siddhartha Goell

Science of Astrology, only can predict about number of Marriages one can have in a lifetime

Parameters for break up in Marriage are as follows:-

  1. Role of eight house, it’s lord and planets aspecting or posited there plays very crucial role.
  2. Eighth house breaks the present pattern.
  3. Hence, whenever the dasha of planets, who’s connection with eighth house, is running, one should be cautious. It also indicates hidden or secret relationship

Role of twelfth house in Marriage

  1. With respect to marriage or relationship matters, planets connected with twelfth house or it’s lord, indicates many possibilities. Spouse might be in abroad or in some different state.
  2. But here, while remaining stick to the topic, as it’s sixth house from seventh house, so difference of opinion or conflicts with spouse or perhaps any mishap with spouse or disease, can be noticed from here.

Divorce, Remarriage, Secret Affairs in Horoscope

Here in this particular case, Mars the lord of 12th house posited in ascendant is aspecting ketu in 8th house. Therefore break in marriage. Eighth lord moon in 5th house of emotions and romance with lagna lord Jupiter is aspecting Venus in 11th house. Confirms, many secret love affairs and among them some also converted into marriage. It solemnized because of Jupiter. Jupiter regulates marriage process

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