Horoscope matching is a must for Success or Failure of Married life

Success or Failure of Married life, is a subject matter of Astrology, for most of the people want to know the future of the Prospective boy and the girl who are yet to be wedded beforehand through comparison of their Birth charts.

Reasons for Divorce or Widow

Any lack of harmony between the married couple due to any reason is most undesirable and it creates mental and physical agony resulting into conflicts with other family members or people around you. The marital discord may erupt from a minor conflict, lack of communication, separation, loss of prosperity, loss of fortune, disease, childlessness or even death of partner.

Knowledge of Astrological factors that give rise to such undesirable situations of marital discord can work as effective guide for prospective marriage partners to avoid what is now popularly known as “Marital Discord”

Marital discord can be avoided between couples

The so called Marital discord can be avoided in two stages:

  1. By careful examination and matching of horoscopes of prospective partners in a most scientific way before marriage.
  2. By selecting a suitable transitory position of different planets at time of marriage i.e. choice of suitable “Muhurata”

A proper and careful comparison of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl will give harmony and prosperity in the life of the couple whereas little carelessness or mistake may make the life hazardous and bring disaster in any form after marriage.

Basically one marries for two reasons, first this is the only way through which one can repay his Pitririna by giving birth to the children and bringing them up. Secondly, to have permanent long lasting companionship which is based on their sexual intimacy and to establish a happy and prosperous home and family.

Our area of research mainly deals with the very important aspects of Marriage and Marital relations, as well as birth of children.

Below Video is a case study explained well with the horoscopes of couple who got married, lived happily and also prospered in life. Inspite of Affliction in Birth charts. All those pandits who saw their natal charts, predicted Divorce or Widow yogas but on the contrary happened. This how use of scientific laws of horoscope matching is done by Relationship Counselor Astrologer Siddhartha Goell