How God changes fate ? How an unfancied person became king of England  and what he faced,  what  happened to his kingdom is best  revealed in the horoscope of King George VI of England.

Horoscope of King George VI of England


1. The  vargottam  Rahu/ketu
2. The Moon reaching it’s extreme point of debilitation and it happens to be lord of tenth house.
3. See the 9th, 10th, 11th lords Mercury,  Moon,  Sun  respectively,  combining with the 2nd lord Mars.
Showing gains from an elder brother 

It is a fact that Albert was the younger son of king George V. Due to hierarchy he can’t become king because of his elder  brother  Edward.

Later  Edward was made  duke  but  due to his love towards an American widow, he was left with no choice but to give up his throne.

Here  Albert  gained his Crown and became  Emperor

In Drekkana chart which is to be seen for siblings:-
11th lord Sun is with  Mercury,  the lord of 12th house, both  posited in 10th house,  showing loss to elder  brother.  Because 11th house is of elder brother
Hence Albert became King George VI

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